About Me

My name is Julia; I do my best to love Jesus with everything I am. My relationship with God is at the very core of my life and is the lens through which I view the world. I am going to graduate from my university next year with a degree in communications, though I began at my university this last September (I participated in a nifty program that allowed me to earn my AA degree while in high school). This is major source of anxiety for me as I am completely unsure of what my future will hold for me post graduation and the addition of student loans to that anxiety stock pile often brings me to overwhelming worry. I often bring this worry and anxiety before God, to which He responds with filling my heart with peace; however, I return to this place of fear more often than I would like to admit.

As I mentioned, I am studying communications, I am also minoring in youth ministry. I absolutely love working with youth, partially because they are just younger than me, but also because they are openly yearning for love and acceptance. The absolute source of love and acceptance is God, so my heart is to share that love (love that has been given to me and with it my freedom from the burdens that so often weigh down my life) with them. My heart is to one day be in full time ministry, I cannot think of a single thing in this world that I would find more important than sharing Gods love and the message of Jesus with as many people as I can.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family filled with a four other colorful characters, I have two younger sisters, Grace who is an amazing musician and entertainer and an extrovert to the core. And Isabel who started a nonprofit called Shoes For Kids at the age of 11 that sends shoes to kids overseas who wouldn’t not have shoes otherwise. I have a mom and a dad who have been happily married since 1991; I have been very blessed to have this example of a loving marriage in my life.

Through my parents work with Compassion International I have been given the opportunity to travel more than most of my peers. Travel has been a big part of my story and I have been given more than my fair share of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But the thing about once-in-a-lifetime opportunities is that once you have them, you go searching for more.

I am excited to paint my true colors through these words for anyone who would choose to see them. Welcome to my life of faith, college, and traveling.


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